To me, wellness is about body, mind and spirit, interwoven faculties that form a person’s total make-up.

For the body, wellness means scanning it regularly from head to toe to be touch with any physical ailments.  Eating nourishing foods that aren’t just empty calories or a quick sugar fix (they have their place, as long as they don’t call the shots)!  Exercising regularly to build self-confidence, keep illness at bay and release endorphins for positivity and relaxation.

For the mind, wellness means regular meditation, me time and being on our own side!  Impress yourself and the rest will take care of itself!  Healthy self-love opens the door for it to be seen and expressed to others.

For the spirit, wellness means being around supportive people who see and bring out the best in us.  Inviting people in.

Wellness is dedicated to mind, body and spirit practices that help us keep sight of who we really are and put that forward.

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