Parenting.  The biggest, most satisfying, frustrating, exhilarating, tiring job in the world.  What degree is that again?

A myriad of emotions.  Competing needs.  Selfless sacrifice.

One aspect of parenting that has fascinated me is the mythical perfection of ‘Super Mum’!  Whether it be maintaining salon perfect hair with impeccably polite and neat children in tow, maintaining a no TV watching or sweet eating policy or juggling full-time motherhood with being a domestic goddess and part-time business extraordinaire, many of us have unwittingly pressured ourselves to live up to her ideals!

Of course, Super Mum loves her job all the time, has boundless energy and breeds great eaters and sleepers!  While we can strive to juggle motherhood and other demands with equal aplomb, is anyone really cracking it all of the time?

Parenting is dedicated to the many trials and tribulations of this journey.  A place for sharing experiences and ideas, from babies, biting and food to natural birthing, play ideas and mojo after motherhood.  I hope you can identify with some of these milestones…or just find something to laugh about!

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