Financial mastery

The significant people in my life are frugal.

Growing up, I was taught the importance of financial security. This could be achieved through two things. Hard work and property! Now, that same advice rings true, tempered with the belief that its pursuit shouldn’t be too sacrificial. What a delicate balance it is to enjoy now and save for the future!

There have been times when I could’ve been accused of having “Champagne tastes on bare money” as my father would call it.  Mortgages and credit cards rarely co-exist happily without a good dose of discipline.

Having learnt a thing or two about finances, property investment, budgeting and insurance, Financial mastery is dedicated to the pursuit of financial well-being for women.

From budget setting and tracking to mindful spending, keeping your hand in, managing financial risk and the benefits of time and discipline, I look forward to sharing my thoughts and yours around financial security, including through periods when finances are most stretched.

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