About me


I’m Priscilla, a Mum to two young children, otherwise known as Mads and Buddy.

My happy place has always been writing.  At age 16, my first claim to fame was a poem published in the local rag about the life of an elderly person. As a young teen, I regularly sought solace in a personal diary to understand and frame events. My family were each treated to a personalised poem endorsing their good – and not so favorable – follies!

As an adult, my writing has served a purpose in various marketing communications roles, without the official writer banner. It’s a journey that I let myself be led away from and have recently rediscovered.

Having encountered a woman close to me suffer hard financial knocks and having a life insurance background, I’m particularly interested in the financial challenges that women face, planning for them and helping to overcome them. I also understand the pressures to be everything to everyone, the juxtaposition being the need to love and look after yourself first.

I suspect that my long-term fascination with the ‘Princess’ book series, the true story of a Saudi royal princess dedicated to helping fellow women, was subconsciously fueling a similar passion within myself.

Irrespective of your where you’re at on your journey, I hope this blog gives you something to relate to, while helping me to use and develop my writing skills.