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You’ll find her at the nucleus of the family, navigator of the ship.  A force-field around which things happen.

Giving so much to others, her energy is often scattered.  But at her core, she remains her whole, complete and beautiful self, if only she can prioritise the time to nurture it.

Motherhood is an incredible journey.  Both a privilege and a grind.   So often, how children turn out as adults is identified back to Mum.   How she loved, taught, listened, role-modeled, coped.

This blog is about you.  A Mum who, just like me, devotes her energy to raising her kids, running a home and perhaps also a job.  It’s a community of like-minded people to share experience and ideas about parenting, finances and personal wellness.

Perhaps you can identify with ‘just a minute’, either in the time you have available or as a frequent response to children!  Whether you have one minute or five, I hope that you find something of value for yourself.

Thanks for joining me.  Let’s get started!



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